Blaupunkt Floatz the Best Bluetooth Earphones Review 2019

Blaupunkt Floatz the Best Bluetooth Earphones Review 2019, Bluetooth headphones are not a convenient way to listen to your music, which does not deal with the typed cable, and 3.5mm headphone jacks disappear from the smartphone, Bluetooth headphones are becoming more popular.

Blaupunkt Floatz the Best Bluetooth Earphones

Blaupunkt Floatz the Best Bluetooth Earphones Review

 A budget named BlauPunkt Floatz introduced a new pair of Bluetooth Earphones, which is priced at prices. 2,499 We reviewed several pairs of Bluetooth earphones in the budget segment, but Blanket’s flagship market is the best of all? We find it through the test to find out.
Blaupunkt Floatz design and specifications
It looks like BlauPank has made an overall effort to design a compact set of earphones and lose weight. Floatz’s earpiece casings are made out of plastic and are very small.
The magnetic back of this case ensures that when you are not using them and if they do not get throat, then they are all around your neck. There is a three-button in-line remote that also contains the batteries of the flotate.
Blaupunkt Floatz is extremely lightweight and weighing only 10.5g, which is centralized in most of the line-of-remote modules.
Blaupunkt generously offers six pair eartips, among which there are three wolftips to help keep wingtips connected with your ears, and other three pairs are adjustable ones.
Blaupunkt floats have been managed to keep weight down to 10 grams
Floatz’s In-Line Remote has three buttons, one of which is a multipunction button that can be used to turn the device on / off, to keep it in tweaking mode and to answer or disconnect calls. The other two buttons allow for volume control and to move you to the next track or go back to the previous one.
There is a micro-USB port for charging the battery and it is covered by a rubber flap which allows Blaapank floles to achieve its IPX 7 certification. This device means waterproof, so sweat should not be a problem. You get a micro-USB cable in the box.
Blaupank has chosen 6 mm driver for Flowsts, but does not specify the frequency range of earphones. This headset uses Bluetooth 5 and supports HFP, HSP, A2DP, and AVRCP profiles.
Blaupunkt Floatz performance
As this is the earphone light, you may forget that you are wearing them. It’ll only feel remote weight when you are running in-line. 
We’ve used medium-sized ear tips with wingspeps for the entire period of our review and it seems pretty good. They help keep the ambient sound which operated a better seal. Rubber tips are easy to swap and you can swipe in a different form that fits well for you.
We’ve used a Google pixel 3 ₹ 56,840 for testing with Blaupunt Flootz,and flowing music from ZeissAvon. These earphones use the AAC codec to stream music from pixels 3.
There is no support for high-end APXx codecs, such as the price of similar earphones in similar sizes like Mini Thunderbits. 
We’ve added these headphones with a MacBook Air that is streaming audio using the SBC codec. We used the MacBook Air to use the high-resolution FLAC audio files which we have enriched from the streaming music with 320 kbps in GeosAvan.
Floatz is quite comfortable to wear for long durations
We chose to play the song at 80-90 percent of the Bluepatta flag, because we thought the whole volume was too high for our choice. These earphones have a classic V-shaped gold signature that is suitable for most of the styles of music. Listening to animals by Mono 5, Floatz could produce light in a modest quantity. For this we were hoping that there was no thump but it was smooth. We found the highest volume of height to be a little too sharp but due to fatigue as many as reason.
Bluputta Flatot offers good stereo separation and while listening to the joker and burglar, we can hear the various instruments used clearly. We had good sound effects on these earphones while testing them for moving hooks by Moving Waves.
Battery life is a field where we think Blanktag flazat can work well. In our experiments we are able to get only 6 hours of playback time, which is less. BlauPunkt promises 13 hours of playback on the highest volume, and our recurring exams show that real-world performance is not near the figure.
Bluppoots fleets are aggressively converted to prices. 2599
• Blackuptop flosses with the IPX 7 rating, including the affordable Bluetooth Earphones
• This light and weight of 10 grams
• Floats have a V-shaped gold signature
There is an auto-power off function that automatically closes the earphones after the inactivity of a specific timeframe. Using the laptop’s USB port, it took around two hours to charge the flash and it took 15 minutes using 10W Mood Charger.
It has a MicroUSB port for charging
We’ve used this headset for a few calls and even in bright environments it seems loud and clear. Our callers did not realize that we were talking to them using the earphone, and like audio quality.
At an inexpensive cost, Blaupunkt Floatz provides excellentoutput.  This earphone is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for long durations. They may also be worn while working.
Call quality is good but battery life can be performed well where float If you are a heavy user, you have to charge this headset. Except battery life, we did not have any complaints about Blaupunk Floyd, it was easy to recommend its price.
Price: Rs. 2,599
• Light and comfortable
• IPX7 water resistant
• Good mids
• Average battery life
Rating (5 out)
• Design / comfort: 4.5
• Audio quality: 3.5
• Batterylife: 3
• Value of money: 4


Overall: 3.5

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