Mi Home the Best Security Camera 360° Review 2019

Siyomi’s Mizia Ecosystem is mainly sold in China, smart home appliances with smart washing machines, everything from smart washing machines. Mi Home Security Camera 360 ° falls in the next section and one of the few products of ecosystem launched in India. It has a ton of features including an attractive design and live audio talkback and AI motion detection, but MU Home Security Camera 360 ° is indeed worth buying and how does it rent for everyday use? Read our findings to find answers to our depth depth of 360 ° review of MI Home Security Camera.
Mi Home the Best Security Camera 360° Review
Mi home security camera 360 ° design and construction quality
Mi Home Security Camera 360 ° is a clean and attractive design and it often looks like a toy, although it is built firmly. The main camera body is a circular shell with a round shaped cutout that lets the camera lens up and down. There is also a MicroSD card slot under the lens. The round body behind the round body is the speaker grill.
The base has a matte finish and you will get a reset button and a micro-USB port back. The whole device seems to be made out of sturdy polycarbonate. The solid build quality certainly serves as an assurance of longevity.
 Mi Home Security Camera works together with 360 ° featured MI home applications
• Easy to install and secure camera functionality
• EI-driven motion detection is dark, even fairly accurate
• Talkback features come easily with clear audio output
Security cameras come with a microSD slot for users to save video footage locally
Siaomi Security Camera measures 78x78x118 mm and offers 239gb scaler tips. Siyomi claims that it is designed to prove the threat, but we recommend against examining this claim. The motorbike camera does not smooth the movement, and the device calibration process, or any sound during daily use.
360 ° Installation and configuration of my home security camera
The Mimi Home Security Camera is surrounded by a flat base surrounded by four circles around 360 °. It can be placed on a table and it will not be dirty and it can be mounted on the ceiling. Thankfully, the Xiaomi retail box supplies the necessary base plate, screw and plastic screw cap for this. Once you’ve set up a security camera at your preferred location, the only thing left is to be connected and ready, which is quite easy.
First, connect the camera to a USB power source. You can use USB cable and a 5W adapter for retail packages. Due to this, the LED indicator will be launched and Mi Home Security Camera 360 ° will provide an active voice coupe. To start watching a live video feed, you need to download the Xiaomi Home application, available in both Android and iOS and log in to a Mi Account.
Users need to enter their Wi-Fi credentials. It is notable that Mi Home Security Camera uses the 360   ° 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band to connect it. If you are using a dual-band router, make sure that it is enabled because 5GHz band is not supported. The app then asks for some permissions and performs a Bluetooth search for Mi Home Security Camera 360 °. When the device is paired, the application will show a QR code which will be scanned by the camera to complete the setup process and allow you to access the live feed.
We have received the entire process fairly easy, and it can be done in about five minutes. This is good for people who can not install an ideal security
camera. The application guides users step by step and during the entire process, Xiomi devices provide instructional audio signals.
My 360 ° camera security camera and features
M-Home Security Camera 360-degree A 2-megapixel camera is an F / 2.1 aperture. The quality of these captured videos is surprisingly good, especially when compared to other companies offering similar prices. In the enlightened environment, out of the house or outside, the camera took great amounts of light in our experiments, which means that the videos contain a modest amount of color and clearly see.
The Xiaomi Home app offers features such as sensitivity adjustment, scheduled monitoring and more
Intensity as well as decent If you want to adjust the quality of the video and images, there is an option called Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) that is cleaned and washed in the face of the frame. However, it reduces video and images a bit. The camera view is claimed to be 360 ​​degree horizontal and 96 degrees of vertical axis.
Mi Home Security Camera 360 ° The biggest power in the dark is the ability to record even video. The device has eight 940 nm infrared LEDs, which allows it to record evenings in the dark. The footage we captured in this situation was strongly sharp and detailed, and although they are exclusive, there are very few scratched textures. The camera can automatically switch between night and day times if needed. Night mode works best in a range of 8-10 meters.
The edges of the object were fairly clear and there were a lot of detail in the images and videos we captured, especially when compared to what we saw with company protection cameras like Godrej. Before swapping in infrared-assisted monochrome mode, the more color possible in the video and the images as possible in the position of the sub-optimal discussion, there is another feature called ‘Full-Color Low-Light’.
On the negative side, we see some parts of recorded footage, especially when the camera is being re-defined using a D-pad, some blur is displayed. We have noticed that objects on the frames edge have a barrel distortion effect. Even after enabling ‘correction of lens distortion’ there was a bit of peripheral warting. As long as home surveillance is concerned, you can choose 24-hour camera surveillance, daytime or night recording, and a custom schedule.
One drawback is that Xiaomi does not provide the option to back up the recorded footage in the cloud storage service, which means that users have to rely on a MicroSD card or have separate backup solutions to save them to any network device files. Although it does not affect daily performance, it can be useful and convenient for users.
AI assist motion detection is really effective. Even at night, the camera was able to take a small insect movement near it and sent an alert. When the speed is detected, the camera sends a notification and records a 10 second clip. Along with recorded clips, a log of this type of motion detection alert can be accessed by tapping the “Monitoring” option on the live feed page of the app.
Mi Home Security Camera is one of the best features of 360 ° – and it has been implemented very well – this is a conversation feature that lets users talk to people at home or where the camera is installed. Simply tap the call button on the Feed Feed screen and you’re better off. We are available to be modest with clear audio on both sides of voice quality. Speakers have done a good job to restore voice, but if the camera’s microphone is a little bit like a fan, for example, in its range.
If you do not want to lose some sharpness and color output to reduce the size of the file, you can record HD or lower quality video. In both modes, the resolution is the same as 1920×1080 pixels. The same setting goes for the prisoner’s steel. Xiaomi claims that Mi Home Security Camera uses 360 ° enhanced video encoding technology, which can reduce the bandwidth usage of almost 50 percent of the video and allow faster video streaming on a smartphone or tablet.
For recorded video and photos, they can be stored locally on microSD cards up to 64 GB, or can be sent to other devices on your network for storage. Data transmission is encrypted as a security measure.
A bonus of the clean interface of the Siaomi Home app. Home screen where users can choose the device whose live feed they want to see. There is also an inbox where you can see all motion detection alert history, with MI online shop shortcut, Mi community and your profile section. After selecting the device, the live feed page displayed, shows the camera feed on the screen with the D-Pad to control its speed. The voice call button is empty with monitoring, playback, photo album, and shortcut button.
The Monitoring section shows prerequisites and allows you to see automatically recorded 10-second clips. The Playbacks section is where you can watch videos recorded by the camera, when the photo album is still live. Shortcut buttons provide quick access to sleep mode, camera calibration, and pop-up window tools.
The camera has a sleeping mode that lets the user close it without disconnecting it. You can activate the sleep mode by tapping the button or setting up a custom schedule. When you wake up the device from sleep, it takes a few seconds to repeat yourself and start sending live feeds. After the wake of the camera itself to switch itself in dark mode there is little extra delay.
Mi Home Security Camera 360 ° Fully Chiaoumi’s ‘More Bang for Your Blank’ philosophy channels, and rich in features and as well as affordable. With the excellent build quality and design, easy to use, lots of features and overall quality of its recorded video, this Siyaomi offer is easily one of the best devices in its segment.
Cloud storage and the lack of some minor media output quicks are frustrating, but they are not big red flags. Currently Rs. Approximate Xiaomi Online Store and Amazon India 266699 mm home security camera offers excellent value for 360 ° money.
Price: Rs. 2.699
• Solid build quality and attractive design
• Good camera output
• Convenient live audio chat feature
• Impressive night vision mode
• Fast and accurate motion detection
• No cloud storage support
• Camera angle adjusting when the video is vague
Rating (5 out)
• Design and build: 4
• Easy to install: 4
• Video quality: 4
• Features: 4
• Value of money: 5
• Overall: 4


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