Moto Z4 Only Upgradable to Android Q, Won’t Receive the Best Android R Update: Report 2019

 The Moto Z4, the latest flagship of Smartphone’s Moto Z series late last month, is not upgraded to Android and the latest major software update has got Android Q, Motorola confirmed an online publication.


 After the acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Lenovo Google in 2014, there is a long step. This is astonishing as it is astonishing for fans of thick Z-series fans of Za series. Generally, manufacturers provide at least two Android version updates. However, it seems that Lenovo-owned company will bring Android as the only major update by the end of this year.


The Moto Z4 was delayed last month in the US by Android 9 Pa
• The latest version of Motorola Moto Z4 will provide Android Q as updates
• Roadmap may get some changes in the future
• MotoZ2 predecessor, MotoZ3, got the Android pi update in January


Although the Motorola Z4 Android and Power is not planned, it is expected to be the heir to Android questions next year, but Motorola plans to provide security updates for its two-year flagship phone on its latest flagship, the only major Android update for the handset of the Digital Trends Motro Z series As the company’s confirmation to bring in Android Q
It has been highlighted that instead of getting monthly security updates, the Moto Z4 will receive bi-monthly updates. This means users will not receive monthly protection patches that arrived in the United States last month.
Notably, Motorola has reported that its current plans for the bold G4 update have confirmed, it may bring some changes in its road ahead in the future.
We have reached Motorola for clarity on updates and we will update this place when we hear it.
Motorola has so far held a good record of providing updates on Android. For example, in July 2012, the Moto Z2 Force was launched with Android 7.1.1 nuggets, which got an update from Android 8.0 Oreo before its launch in February last year. Also at the beginning of this month, the Android Poker SOCKS has been stopped for the protagonist, especially the Motor ZZ.
In addition to the Motor Zo Force, Motorola recently brought back the latest Android 9 pie updates in the past, including the Moto G6, the Moto G6 game, and the Moto Z3 Plus update. Also in February 2017, the update for “Moto G4 Plus” has also been released as “Unplanned Upgrade”. Moreover, the Moto Z3 started receiving the Android pi update on January.
To commemorate, the Motorola G4 Android 9 was launched with Pi and it features a 6.45-inch full-HD + (1080×2340 pixels) OLDD display with a 19.5: 9 aspect ratio. The phone has an Octa-core Calcum Snapdragon 675 SOC, 4GB RAM and 128GB of Android storage. It has a fee / 1.7 lens with a 48 megapixel rear camera sensor, a 25 / megapixel sewing camera with a fee / 2.0 lens and 3,600 mAh battery.

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