Skullcandy Push Review 2019

This year has been really big for wireless earphones, with significant launches from Samsung, Apple and many other companies. In Indiawe show some big launches from Snehehiser, Nokia and BlauPunk.
Today is a brand joining bandwagon that has created waves for its modern, stylish design and diametrically-sounded audio in the audio industry: Skullcandy

The new School Pond is really worth the wireless earphones. 9,999, and Samsung Galaxy Bund and Nokia True Wireless, like the same valuable products to take strong competition in the segment. Can Skullcandy make a mark in this product segment? We have to review to find out. Skullcandy push design and specifications

Just like the true wireless earphones we had the opportunity to test in the last few months, Schoolkandi Push has two years and charging cases that are used when not saving. Yards have a pill-shaped design that usually takes schoolcandy aesthetics, which mixes some of the art designs with urban styling, which we like. Though the fruits are big, their plastic cover keeps them light. Wing attachments keep the stems in our ears comfortably and safely.
Each earbud has a large button on its outer side and an indicator light below. Sunbods are not quite as good as Samsung Galaxy Bund or Nokia True Wireless, but they look quite good and quite comfortable. Due to the design they did not move far away from our ears, and so were more intelligent to use. Skullcandy Push is available in two colors in India– gray and green. We like green variant, especially for its texture matte finish.
Yerpones are claimed to be water resistant, although there is no IP rating mentioned in the sale package or on the Indiawebsite. They use Bluetooth 4.2 and only support SBC codecs, not high quality AAC or aptx codecs. Frequency response range is 20-20,000Hz.
Skullcandy Push’s single button controls the power, pairing, volume and music playback of each year. Both sides will break a single-press or play; A double pressure volume controls (comma from left to right and increase from right); And skips a long press on the previous or next track.
The left earbud acts as the primary one that connects to your source device, needs to be connected to the right to the right so that the job is done. There is no automatic break function while removing Youtube from your ear, and we will stop the music manually if we want to take a break. Although their case fitted back earbuds, turned them off.
For many reasons Skullcandy Push’s charging case is not close to what we have seen with competitive products. It starts with big, looks a bit odd, and feels cheap. The front charge level indicator has a line of LEDs. To charge the case, there is a USB Type-C port, which is probably the only good thing about it.
Skullcandy Push Earbuds fit in suit cutouts, but do not sit very snugly. Even if the case is closed, any movement can rotate inside the ear and sometimes they will start rotating themselves. It was annoying, because it often allows Yardub’s to rejoin our smartphone in a weird time. On some occasions, earbuds did not automatically power when removed from the case, and were manually introduced and paired.
In addition, the charging field does not contain much energy like other true wireless earphones. Although we were able to use about 5 hours, 30 minutes from the unit charge of the School Bulldog Push Year, but it was raised above an average of 11 hours in total battery life. If the battery of the case is low-down, then the battery is made with higher battery life.

Skullcandy push performance

While Samsung Galaxy Buds and Nokia True Wireless are coming in terms of quality and charging, school kundi Push may not be quite good, but these earphones make good sound.
Many schoolkinky headphones and earphones have a consumer-friendly sonic signature that supports diametrons and school kundy Push sticks to this formula. This truly wireless earphone definitely supports lower margins, and we were able to hear a fair amount in lightning. Sub-Bash notes had fair bit of aggression, even mid-base frequencies returned strong responses.
Banobro to listen to Bano Bro Kao Ganda; The track started slowly, but when it was heard at schoolkandi pushy earphones, Bash’s attack became the most prominent part of the fast track. The downside was strong and sneaky, but sometimes the mids and height, which is defined for the most part and remain overpowered to remain clean. Even after being tired with twelve
times, it certainly lends a bit to the character and power of the word and does not reverse the overall feel of the track.
Switching to the graduation of Frankie Hughes to Two Hugely to Reform, Schoolkady Push showed the ability to handle her tracks, which are not too much diameter dependent. Although the lightning was still unrecognizable, the rest of the track was not lost. The mid-range and altitude was clear, distinct, and defined.

The price for the first pair of real wireless earphones is Rs. 9,999
• Skullcandy Push really comes in the gray and green colors of the wireless earphones
• The earphones have a charging case that can be picked up once
• People are pronounced explicitly, but lightning-heavy words are

This tendency to enjoy low-end jobs for styles such as electronic and rock, if you prefer your music with low-end thump liberal help, these earphones are ideal. Although strong lightning dimensions take away from the soundstation and exposure of Skullcandy Push; We could hear everything clearly enough, the music felt somewhat narrow and lacked in depth.
Sound quality is influenced by lack of support for more sophisticated Bluetooth encoders, but schoolkady Push does an appropriate job with what it does. It is not refined like Samsung and Nokia alternatives, but it has a unique advantage in the diameter section, which will appeal to many audiences.
We were not really impressed with the wireless earphones really with Scolcandy Push while coming out with performance in voice calls. People from other ends often complain that they were not able to hear us clearly and there was too much background noise, which is not very good for integrated microphones.


Really the wireless is now in place, and as soon as Apple betrays it with second-generation airpods, we try to grab a piece of other audio makers market. Skullcandy is a popular name for consumer space, and its first true wireless earphone is a good effort which holds true at the positioning of Skullcandy, providing plenty of good look and lightning.
Here are the biggest weaknesses in charging, rarely keep the yards and only provide an additional charge. In addition, the lack of support for the APTX Bluetooth codec creates a word that lacks openness and depth. If you like your lightning heavy and punchy, Skullcandy Push offers what you will be pleased with.
On the other hand, if you use a Samsung or Apple smartphone, or need better battery life and a more neutral signature, then the new AirPod, Samsung Galaxy Bund or Nokia True Wireless, may be a better choice for you.
Price: Rs. 9,999
• look good
• Comfortable
• Strong lightning
• Weak build quality in case of charge
• The case only provides one additional charge
• Supports any aptx or AAC Bluetooth codec
• lack of sound exposure
Rating (5 out)
• Design / comfort: 3.5
• Audio quality: 3
Battery life: 3.5
• Value of money: 3.5
Overall: 3.5

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